Monday, 19 April 2010

Kitty the kitten

This is Kitty, the newest resident of my household. He's a lean mean rat killing machine... or at least that's what we hoped for.

When we first collected him in his plastic basket from another VSO volunteer, he faced a very scary journey from the north of Kaduna to the middle. First in a bus full of chickens (none of the animals were happy about the situation) followed by an okada ride in his basket. Sadly we couldn't find a cat sized motorbike helmet.

Having survived the journey - despite his howling suggesting he might have a heart attack - he soon settled in to life at number 18 and made himself very much at home. He has a particular fondness for mosquito nets, having destroyed one so far, Kitty also likes to chew on toes, fingers, and worryingly electricity cables, I also bear the scars from the time he tried to climb my leg when I was wearing shorts. Other than his occasional violence, he is quite cute, and seems to be keeping the rats away which is great.

He does need a more exciting name than 'kitty' though, so if you have any suggestions let me know, the best suggestion will receive a letter of thanks signed by kitty from Nigeria.... in around 6 months.

In other news work is good, last week I went out to the village of Pambawa with the HVC roving clinic. I was trusted to weigh the babies and take their temperatures (hard to get wrong). When I put one of the babies on the scales, and stepped back to read his weight, I was followed by a trail of wee! Luckily for me I'd stepped back far enough to avoid getting wet, and everyone in the room was very entertained.

This weekend I went to Abuja for a VSO workshop, staying in a hotel with air conditioning and CNN was a real luxury. I also managed to fit in an afternoon of swimming at the British Village, which has a very nice pool that VSOs can use for free. I was amazed to see CNN's coverage of the flights chaos, hope no one reading this is stuck anywhere.

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